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How JINSA Helps Our Troops

The "Deserving Soldiers Holiday Appeal," established in 2003, distributes funds to military families who are identified by their unit commanders as in critical need of financial assistance to participate fully in the holiday season. These families have or had a breadwinner serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries where American troops are deployed or have had a family member killed in action. Funds are distributed from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. The majority of the funds are distributed to families within the U.S. Special Operations Command, who were identified as deserving of financial assistance to include Army Special Forces, the 82nd Airborne Division, Naval Special Warfare Command, the 75th Ranger Regiment, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, USMC Special Operations and Air Force Special Operations Command.

While the primary use of the money is used to ensure a holiday celebration for all of our troops, a percentage of the contributions are allocated to servicemen/women who have suffered grievous injuries fighting in the War on Terrorism.

To learn more about how you can help, please email or cal 202-667-3900.

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