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This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving comes at a time of tremendous upheaval, economic dislocation and a truly historic presidential election. As a country, we are exhausted and jittery, and nothing makes us think the way ahead will be any easier or calmer.

That makes this a good - no, an imperative - time to remind ourselves of the blessings of our great country, our freedoms, our families, our friends, and our lives. We are grateful to servicemen and women, police officers, fire fighters, airport security screeners, border guards, FBI and CIA agents, the Administration and Members of Congress of both parties who believe and speak and vote with the understanding that our nation is still at war. We believe it is the combination of all these people working under difficult and often-dangerous circumstances - not a lack of trying on the part of the bad guys - that has have kept us safe for another year. We are grateful to the parents for raising the children who grew into the adults who serve America in so many ways at home and abroad, and grateful to their families for sharing them.

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