Charles B. Perkins

Charles B. Perkins is a recognized authority on international security policy and defense technology.  He brings to JINSA almost four decades of research, analytical and communications experience in military affairs and strategic assessment.  Charles joins us following a lengthy and successful tenure as an Assistant Director and Senior Analyst in the Policy & Government Affairs department of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) working to develop, support and coordinate the organization’s policy and legislative initiatives to build the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship and counter emerging threats facing both nations. His key areas of expertise include regional conflict dynamics, weapons proliferation and disarmament issues, international missile defense cooperation, arms transfer laws and regulations, defense industrial procurement, Israel’s security challenges and the IDF’s qualitative military edge.

Over the course of his professional life Charles has interacted with senior government officials, military officers, defense industry leaders, think tank experts, veterans of the U.S. armed services and the media. In addition, he has lectured before a wide array of broader audiences, educating groups on a diverse range of issues in the strategic domain and proposing options and solutions mutually benefiting various stakeholders.  He has participated in a range of strategic foreign policy simulations and wargames at Washington-based U.S. government and private institutions to formulate and evaluate policy and budgetary alternatives that have faced senior decision makers over the past half century.  Charles has also traveled across a wide range of global hotspots, further building his expertise of regional security, conflicts and armed forces.

Earlier in his career, Charles worked in the private defense-consulting and professional services sector in the Washington area, engaging with the U.S. special operations community by formulating predictive threat analyses utilizing early artificial intelligence methodologies and developing logistical database management tools.

Charles completed his BA at American University’s School of International Service and graduate studies at George Washington’s Security Policy Studies program.