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Honduras and Truth

JINSA Report #: 

August 16, 2011

The President of Honduras has indicated that his government will support a vote in favor of "Palestine" in the United Nations General Assembly in September. Honduras, of all countries, should know better; not about Israel, but about importance of truth.

When Manuel Zelaya, then President of Honduras, subverted the Constitution by attempting to hold an illegal referendum to gain an illegal third term in office, the other arms of the Honduran democratic establishment - Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Human Rights Council, the Army and the Church - came together to defend the Constitution, remove Zelaya and retain their country's standing as a country of laws, not of men. In response, the United States - following the lead of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua - agreed to the suspension of Honduras from the OAS, PNG'd the Honduran Ambassador, cut off Millennium Challenge aid for which Honduras had already qualified, held up visas and denounced the ouster of Zelaya as a "military coup."

Honduras stuck to its legal guns, insisting that truth mattered. JINSA, among others, took the time to research the issue, understand the legalities and support the interim government as legal and legitimate. We were impressed by the willingness of a small country to stand by its laws in the face of pressure from abroad. As time passed, the U.S. Government came to the same conclusions - but enormous damage had been done in the interim.

It isn't always enough to be right - people have to understand the nuance, the law and the truth and support you when you are right. We are proud to have supported Honduras - and truth.

For Honduras now to pretend NOT to understand that the UN General Assembly vote on "Palestine" will NOT create a State of Palestine, will NOT advance Palestinian aspirations for statehood, will NOT enhance the security of Israel or the willingness of Israel to help moderate Palestinians achieve their goals is disingenuous. For Honduras to "go along to get along" with the majority of the General Assembly is to conveniently forget that when Honduras was in the dock, truth was important to Honduras. For Honduras to demand that the world pay attention to the truth about Honduras, but to run with the crowd when the truth about Israel is at stake is hypocritical.

Since 1947, Israel has agreed to a "two state solution" in which there would be a Jewish State of Israel and a Palestinian Arab State. Through wars and intifadas and BDS movements, Israel has asked only that its democratic existence as the national homeland of the Jewish people be recognized by its neighbors - and that the "secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force" promised by UN Resolution 242 be accepted. The Arab states (save Jordan and Egypt) and the Palestinians have refused.

That is the truth.

For Honduras to ignore it in favor of the ease of siding with the majority is demeaning to Hondurans and diminishes the importance of the truth. This time the international community is ganging up on Israel - the next time it gangs up on Honduras, it will be harder to feel sorry.

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