Israeli-deployed AI in Gaza likely helps IDF reduce civilian casualties, expert says

After loudly touting the use of artificial intelligence (AI) during their 11-day conflict against Hamas in 2021, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been fairly tight-lipped about the AI systems they’ve employed in the post-Oct. 7 Gaza battlespace. Numerous media outlets have

Why So Many ‘Day After’ Plans for Gaza Amount to No Plan at All

Ever since the Israel-Hamas war erupted, and even during the most hopeless stretches, smart people have been complaining that there’s no plan for Gaza once we reach the “day after” — that still-TBD moment when the fighting ends and the

JINSA hosted a webinar discussing the latest regional developments in Israel’s multi-front war against Iran’s proxies, including Israel’s successful June 8 rescue operation which freed four Israeli hostages from captivity in central Gaza.

Despite growing Chinese investment in Israel’s economy, China has clearly demonstrated that its interest in Israel is purely instrumental and subordinate to its global ambitions of supplanting the United States on the world stage. Since October 7, China has calculated