I had the privilege recently of participating in a study visit to Israel sponsored by the Jewish Institute of National Security for America. Along with a group of retired U.S. flag officers, the trip afforded the opportunity to gain additional

A Plan for Postwar Gaza

Today’s tragic stampede deaths around a Gazan aid convoy contain lessons for those who wish to learn them, and the horrible event suggests the urgency of doing so. What appears to have happened, based on drone video recordings, bird’s-eye photos,

On February 12 it was announced that Israeli Defense Forces executed a daring raid to rescue two of their citizens held hostage in Gaza.  Considering recently released accounts of the brutality of life as a hostage, estimates that perhaps more

The Day After: A Plan for Gaza

A joint project of JINSA and The Vandenberg Coalition, this Gaza Futures Task Force convened a group of former U.S. national security officials who served in both Republican and Democratic administrations to assess the impact of the October 7 terrorist