The Israeli Ministry of Defense on Wednesday confirmed the first operational interception of the David’s Sling missile system, a development that experts say is an “important milestone” in US-Israeli defense cooperation and for Israel’s defense capabilities. Ari Cicurel, Assistant Director

This week’s Israeli operation in response to Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) attacks from Gaza, called Shield and Arrow, seeks to enforce redlines and restore deterrence against the Iran-backed terrorist group. These concerns are particularly acute, since this latest flare-up comes

Israel’s Operation Shield and Arrow

Israel initiated Operation Shield and Arrow on May 9 with airstrikes that killed three senior members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), an Iranian proxy in Gaza, a week after the terrorist group fired over 100 rockets at Israel. Following that

Iran Summary – April 2023

Author: Anna Schaftel – JINSA Programs & Outreach Associate April 2023 Summary: Iran continues to supply arms and ammunition for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, part of growing bilateral cooperation to counter international sanctions on either country. Iran sought to reinforce