Abbas Goes to China

The United States might not be interested in the Middle East, but China is. In the latest of a series of diplomatic maneuvers in the region, Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, to

Washington Unlocks Frozen Iranian Funds

There have been several indications in recent weeks that the United States and Iran are trying to reach an interim and unofficial nuclear deal that would provide Iran with significant financial windfall and circumvent U.S. legal requirements for congressional review.

The Coming Cyrus Accords?

Zionism is the legacy of Cyrus the Great and the national inheritance of the Iranians. The Islamic Republic’s anti-Zionism is not a historical norm, but a radical break from history by a radical regime. The Iranian revolution seeks to return

Iran Summary – May 2023

Author: Anna Schaftel – JINSA Programs & Outreach Associate May 2023 Summary: Iran continued to provide Russia with drones to be used against Ukraine. Iran executed 142 people last month, and at least 307 people thus far in 2023. Iran-backed