JINSA hosted a webinar highlighting the growing Iran-backed threat to Jordan and what the United States, Israel, and their partners in the region and internationally can do in response. The event featured JINSA Distinguished Fellow IDF MG (ret.) Yaakov Amidror,

Israel’s Interest in Planning for ‘The Day After’

Almost nine months ago, thousands of Iran-backed Hamas jihadists stormed across Israel’s southwest border to massacre, mutilate, rape, and kidnap Jews, most of whom were civilians. In late October, Israel launched a major ground campaign in Gaza, which has substantially

JINSA President and CEO Michael Makovsky on LiveNOW from Fox (6.30.24)

Dr. Michael Makovsky on rising tensions between Israel and Hezbollah. Originally appeared on LiveNOW from Fox.

Iran’s retaliation with over 300 drones and missiles after Israel killed one of its top generals in Syria is the latest reminder of that country’s strategic importance to Iran’s regional ambitions. It is for that reason that the mission of US troops