The United States reportedly is planning to deploy Marines aboard commercial vessels in vital Middle Eastern waterways amid Tehran’s escalating maritime aggression in the area, including recent drills by Iranian naval forces on and around contested islands near the Strait

The Biden administration should learn from its unpreparedness for the Russia-Ukraine war and begin to prepare for a major Israel-Iran conflict. The administration needs to set aside its differences with the Israeli government, overcome its aversion to conflict with Iran,

Rocky US-Saudi Ties Get Boost From Push for Normalization Deal With Israel

RIYADH (AFP) — A spate of high-profile visits by US officials to Saudi Arabia underscores how ties have warmed amid talks over a potential deal that would see the Gulf kingdom recognize Israel, analysts say. Less than a year after

“Missiles launched.” With these simple words from Israeli Air Force fighter pilots to air operations control, the mission’s climax begins. Within three minutes, precise hits are confirmed at each of three separate high-value terror targets in the Gaza Strip. Less