How Marines Could Prevent Iranian Harassment of Commercial Ships

Although it’s unclear exactly what Marines would do if placed on commercial ships traveling through the Strait of Hormuz, retired military leaders say they could deter Iranian forces from harassing or seizing the vessels — and quickly loop in the

‘We Have Until the End of the Year. No Later’: Israel’s Former Air Force Chief Is Worried. Very Worried. The Israel Air Force is waging desperate efforts to stick a finger in the dam and somehow maintain fighting fitness for

US-Iran Deal Doesn’t Mean Full Nuclear Pact is Next — but it Shows Israel’s Limits

Israeli officials did not sound thrilled in the wake of last week’s deal between the US and Iran, which will see Tehran free five American detainees in exchange for the release of several billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets. “Arrangements that do

On August 10, the Biden administration announced a hostage deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran that will see five U.S. hostages released in exchange for the release of five Iranian prisoners and $6 billion of frozen Iranian funds previously