Open Letter: Campaign at Tufts University on Banning Police Exchanges With Israel

The Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) sent an open letter yesterday to Tufts University President Anthony Monaco in response to a recent referendum passed by the student body calling on Tufts to end its participation in U.S.-Israel

Iran gathers ‘bargaining chips’ as it begins enriching uranium to 20 percent By YAAKOV LAPPIN Iran’s declaration on Monday that it has begun enriching uranium to the 20 percent level at its Fordow underground nuclear facility is part of the

Iran’s announcement that it has begun enriching uranium to 20 percent represents its gravest nuclear escalation in years and a shift in its counterpressure strategy against the United States. This policy memo from JINSA staff lays out the implications of

Washington Examiner Cites JINSA Memo “Possible Attack From Iran”

Pentagon orders aircraft carrier to remain in Persian Gulf as US braces for possible Iran attack By Jamie McIntyre NIMITZ ON GUARD: In a reversal of an announcement made just last week, the Pentagon has ordered an aircraft carrier to