With Iran struggling under weight of coronavirus, will it act out against Israel and America? Whether or not the regime will make any moves against Western forces in the region or push its proxies to open a front against Israel

‘Endless Wars’ and Political Warfare

The coronavirus pandemic is altering every aspect of American life, including the United States’s relationship with the rest of the world. Leaders in both parties were already looking to wind down “endless wars.” After decades of successive wars in the

Overwhelmed by Growing Coronavirus Death Toll, Iranian Leaders Lash Out at US, EU As Iran experienced its worst death toll from the coronavirus pandemic this week, panicking Tehran regime officials sought to blame the United States and the European Union

Concern sparks over US military commitment to observer force in Sinai The MFO helps ensure there is no need for a military build-up in Sinai and also helps the US play a historic role in peace between Israel and Egypt.