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As Iranians took to the streets this week to commemorate 40 years since the U.S. embassy takeover in 1979, Iran announced new violations of the nuclear deal it signed in 2015. The rogue Islamic Republic admitted that it now operates

How UNIFIL Can Still Succeed in Lebanon

There is a growing risk of war along the Israeli-Lebanese border. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has failed to disarm Hezbollah, forcing Israel to expand its operations to counter the group. Recent changes to UNIFIL’s mandate are

Consequences of the US Withdrawal from Syria

President Donald Trump announced that his administration would lift sanctions on Turkey after the Turkish government agreed to permanently abide by a ceasefire in northeast Syria. Instead of withdrawing all troops, a few hundred will remain not to re-engage against a resurging Islamic State but

The Right Way Ahead After Trump’s Syria Mistake

What should Washington do now? That’s the urgent question following President Trump’s unforced error of green-lighting Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. The decision dealt a severe blow to US interests and credibility. Trump must reverse course. A return to the way things