Any ‘Win’ Against Iran is Premature Without Shutting Down its Capabilities

“You got a win. Take the win.”

Those reportedly were President Biden’s words to Prime Minister Netanyahu shortly after Israel led an impressive multinational effort to intercept almost all of the over 300 drones and missiles launched by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its proxies — the largest such attack in history and the first ever from Iran directly against Israel.

Chalking this up as a victory and a chance for de-escalation, however, will prove Pyrrhic and encourage further Iranian aggression. Tehran launched such an audacious and massive assault to halt Israel’s successful strategy of dismantling the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps “ring of fire” around the entire region. The regime desperately wanted to force Israel to end its airstrikes that have picked apart Iran’s yearslong entrenchment in Syria and, in turn, degraded its ability to empower attacks by Hezbollah and other terrorist proxies all across northern Israel…

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