Dozens of US Generals Urge Biden to Arm Israel Against Iran, as Lesson from Ukraine

Dozens of American generals and admirals sign a letter calling on US President Joe Biden’s administration to expedite shipments of advanced arms to Israel to help create a credible military threat against Iran’s nuclear program.

“The United States should apply lessons of the year-old Ukraine conflict: It’s vital to arm capable and willing partners facing regional threats, and best to do so before conflict erupts,” write the 44 flag officers in a letter organized by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America. “To confront this pressing high-priority threat, the United States should immediately provide Israel with the advanced weapons it needs to deter and prevent a nuclear Iran.”

The officers asked the White House to sell, lease and preposition KC-46A aerial refueling tankers, F-15I fighter aircraft, F-35 multirole combat aircraft, and precision-guided munitions, including joint direct attack munition (JDAMs) precision guidance systems.

“By acting now to augment Israel’s military capabilities, the United States can help Israel defend itself by itself, prevent a nuclear Iran, and address one of the most pressing strategic challenges America faces today,” they write.

Originally published in Times of Israel.