Iran Talks Status

Where are the negotiators?

Currently in their home countries. Officials have not been in Vienna, the site of the negotiations, since the eighth round of talks was suspended indefinitely on March 7.

What are the known outstanding issues?

Iran is demanding that the United States remove its designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organizaation (FTO).

What are key concessions the U.S. has already agreed to?


JINSA estimated Iran’s nuclear breakout time would be 4.8-6.5 months until early 2026 under a new deal, at which point the JCPOA permits Iran to steadily shrink these timeframes further.


The U.S. is prepared to rescind human rights and terrorism penalties – sanctions relief not required by the JCPOA – on key pillars of the Iranaian regime, including the Supreme Leader and other top officials, as well as the Central Bank, National Develipment Fund and national oil and tanker companies.

Recent Statements from U.S. Officials

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