JINSA Generals and Admirals Program Referenced in IDF Journal “Maarachot”

In the latest issue of Maarachot, the bimonthly IDF journal, JINSA’s Generals and Admirals trip to Israel is referenced as a leading example of the ways the IDF can engage in military public diplomacy.

Authored by Lt. Col. Dr. Israel Tal-Saranga, the Head of Public Relations for the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the article explains that military public diplomacy is a new and high priority mission for the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, allowing them to strengthen commonalities between the IDF and the militaries of other like-minded democracies.

According to the Maarachot article, some of the ways the IDF engages in military public diplomacy are through visits, conferences, relationships with Jewish organizations, and hosting international delegations. JINSA’s General and Admirals Program allows the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit the ability to accomplish all of these missions in one program. JINSA’s delegation of American Generals and Admirals visits Israel and learns firsthand the security challenges the IDF faces on a daily basis. They are briefed by top-level Israeli officers and leave with an understanding of the key role Israel plays as a friend and ally of the U.S.

The article emphasizes that the IDF should expand its efforts to accommodate programs like JINSA’s General and Admirals Trip. The picture used in the article comes directly from photos taken by the IDF during JINSA’s Generals and Admirals trip.

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