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Dr. Jeb Nadaner

IDF BG Dr. Tarif Bader

Jeb Nadaner
IDF BG Dr. Tarif Bader

JINSA Senior VP of Defense and Military Affairs

Head of the IDF Medical Corps

Tuesday, March 31
12:00 PM EDT


IDF BG Dr. Tarif Bader is the Head of the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Graduating from the medical school of Ben-Gurion University in 1993, he was awarded a Doctor of Medicine and was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Medical Corps of the IDF. Having served in the IDF Medical Corps since 1993, he has commanded and overseen humanitarian missions in Haiti, Syria, and Nepal.

Dr. Bader earned his Master of Health Administration degree from Ben-Gurion University in 2006. In 2007, he was appointed as Head of the Commanders Branch at the Military Medical Academy of the IDF Medical Corps. From 2009 to 2011, he served as Deputy Director General of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, Israel. He was promoted to Colonel in 2011 when he became the Head of the Northern Medical Command of the IDF. In 2014, Dr. Bader served as the Deputy Surgeon General of the IDF Medical corps and in 2016 was promoted to Brigadier General when became Head of the Medical Corps.

In addition, Dr. Bader serves as the Head of the Military Department of Health System Managing. He lives in Hurfeish with his wife, Janan, and their three children.

Dr. Jeb Nadaner is the JINSA Senior Vice President of Defense & Government Affairs. He has served as the Director of the USMC Krulak Center for Innovation & Creativity; Lockheed Martin Vice President of Engineering & Technology and Director of Strategy & Business Development; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense; Senior Advisor & Member of the State Department Policy Planning Staff; and Justice Department Attorney. Yale awarded him his PhD and the University of Pennsylvania his JD.

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