“John Boyd: The Most Important American Strategist You Never Heard Of”


LtGen John Toolan, USMC (ret.)

Maj Ian Brown, USMC

Dr. Jeb Nadaner

Ian Brown
Jeb Nadaner

Former Commander,
Marine Forces Pacific;
2018 JINSA Generals &
Admirals Program Participant

Author of “A New
Conception of War” and
Operations Officer

JINSA Vice President and
Senior Fellow

Tuesday, June 9

The most important U.S. strategist of the last 100 years is someone you have never heard about: John Boyd. He developed the concept of getting inside the “other guy’s decision cycle,” coined the term OODA Loop, designed the F-16 and F-15, and provided the ideas that revolutionized the U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps. His impact in Silicon Valley and U.S. business strategy, more widely, is equal in influence. How might Col. Boyd’s ideas help the U.S. or our allies deal with contemporary challenges, from Iran to China?

Active duty Marine Corps Major Ian T. Brown has published a ground-breaking study of Boyd, A New Conception of War: John Boyd, the U.S. Marines, and Maneuver Warfare, that traces this story from the post-Vietnam War years to the present. This study captures a period of remarkable intellectual ferment within the Marine Corps and the development of a unique conceptual framework for warfighting that continues to inspire Marines today.

To read Maj Brown’s book free of charge by the Marine Corps University Press, please click here.

Lieutenant General John “Jocko” Toolan Jr., USMC (ret.) served as the Commander, Marine Forces Pacific, from August 2014 until August 2016 and participated in JINSA’s Generals and Admirals Program to the Middle East in 2018.

Maj Ian Brown, USMC is the author of A New Conception of War: John Boyd, The U.S. Marines and Maneuver Warfare, one of the most remarkable books by an active duty servicemen in recent times. He is also a Marine Corps CH-53E helicopter pilot and the Operations Officer at the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity at Marine Corps University, Quantico.

Dr. Jeb Nadaner is Vice President of Defense & Government Affairs at JINSA. He has served as the Director of the USMC Krulak Center for Innovation & Creativity; Lockheed Martin Vice President of Engineering & Technology and Director of Strategy & Business Development; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense; Senior Advisor & Member of the State Department Policy Planning Staff; and Justice Department Attorney.