“Oil Market Developments and U.S. National Security”


Robert McNally

Michael Makovsky, PhD

Bob McNally

Rapidan Energy Group Founder & President

JINSA President & CEO

Friday, May 1
3:00 PM EDT


Robert McNally is Founder & President of the Rapidan Energy Group. He has over 29 years of government and market experience as an international energy consultant, senior White House policy official, and hedge fund strategist. His expertise spans government, economic, security, and environmental sectors. Robert is a Member of the National Petroleum Council and is a non-resident fellow at the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy.

From 2001 to 2003, he served as the top international and domestic energy advisor on the White House staff, holding the posts of Special Assistant to the President on the National Economic Council and, in 2003, Senior Director for International Energy on the National Security Council. He started his professional career as an oil market analyst and for 12 years analyzed energy markets, macroeconomic policy, and geopolitics for portfolio managers at Tudor Investment Corporation. Robert earned his B.A./B.S. in Political Science and International Relations from American University and his M.A. in International Economics and Foreign Policy from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Michael Makovsky, PhD is JINSA President & CEO. He is a U.S. national security expert, and has worked extensively on U.S. policy towards Iran’s nuclear program, the Middle East, and the intersection of international energy markets and politics with U.S. national security.