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U.S. Military Leaders Program

Founded in 2019, JINSA’s U.S. Military Leadership Program educates elite, active duty U.S. military officers about Israel’s unique security challenges and the importance of a robust U.S.-Israel security relationship.

The cornerstone of the program is an eight-day trip to Israel for 20 participants from the Army, Navy, and Air Force War Colleges, and from the Marine Corps’ prestigious School of Advanced Warfighting, who are on track to become generals and admirals.


“It was the best educational trip experience I have ever had in the US military.”
2019 Program Participant

“I thought I understood Israeli security issues…but it wasn’t until I stood on a border outpost overlooking Lebanon and Syria, that I could grasp the magnitude and urgency of defending against a determined enemy.”
USAF Lt Col, F22 Pilot

“Even after hundreds of combat hours in Syria, I didn’t understand how dangerous the Iranian threat is to Israeli national security until I visited Israel on the JINSA trip. This was hands-down the most educational trip in my 19-year career.”
USAF Lt Col, F22 Pilot

“It is impossible to understand Israeli national security without knowing Israelis. The JINSA trip allowed me to meet Israeli officers and officials and really understand how the culture and history have shaped the IDF.”
USAF Lt Col, F22 Pilot