Bombings in Iraq Despite Biden Retaliation

Iranian-backed proxies have escalated their attacks on U.S. personnel in Iraq soon after President Biden launched limited airstrikes in response to earlier attacks by these same groups, showing that the administration’s attempts to deter further aggression are not succeeding. Biden’s use of military force against Iranian-linked militias has been too narrow and inconsistent to have the desired effect. Moreover, whatever deterrent value the U.S. reprisals might have is further undermined by administration’s withdrawal of air defense assets necessary to protect against Iranian-linked attacks and negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program. Instead, the Biden Administration should pursue more forceful retaliation against groups responsible for attacks and a comprehensive, region-wide strategy to better defend against Iranian projectiles, including missiles, rockets, drones, and mortars, including by boosting capabilities of regional partners.

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JINSA Staff Contributors

Ari Cicurel – Senior Policy Analyst