Iran Summary – December 2023

Author: Anna Schaftel; JINSA Programs & Outreach Associate

December 2023 Summary: Iran and its proxies continued to engage in and support Hamas’s war against Israel, following the brutal attacks it carried out on October 7. After several months of slowed production, Iran tripled the pace at which its nuclear program was enriching 60% uranium.  Iran-backed groups have carried out at least 115 attacks on U.S. forces in the region, according to JINSA’s Iran Projectile Tracker, since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas War. These groups conducted at least 38 attacks against U.S. personnel in Iraq and Syria during December. The Iran-backed Houthis escalated their maritime attacks, indiscriminately targeting commercial vessels and military ships operating in the region on at least 32 occasions during December. At home, the Islamic Republic continues to carry out executions at a staggering rate, likely taking advantage of the world media’s diverted attention to crack down on dissent at home. View JINSA’s Israel at War webpage for the latest analysis, commentary, webinars, and media coverage about the 10/7 attacks and the ensuing Israel-Hamas conflict.

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