Iranian Aggression Despite U.S. Retaliation

Aggression by Iran and its regional proxies continues to escalate along multiple lines of effort with a March 3, 2021 attack on U.S. forces at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq and several alleged attacks against Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Biden Administration’s efforts to engage Tehran diplomatically while deterring it through a discrete, unilateral, and pin-prick military response in Syria on February 25 has not succeeded. Iran will likely continue its comprehensive regional counterpressure strategy of nuclear and military escalation so long as it believes it will be effective in achieving U.S. economic and geopolitical concessions. To establish deterrence, Washington should work with its regional partners to hold Iran accountable for its continued aggression against U.S. interests, using all elements of power, including covert action and debilitating military strikes.

This policy memo from JINSA staff provides details and context of the airstrike in Syria, background on Iranian-backed aggression against Americans in Iraq, and policy recommendations for U.S. officials.

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JINSA Staff Contributors

Blaise Misztal
Vice President for Policy

Ari Cicurel
Senior Policy Analyst