Israel Strikes Back; U.S. Must Show ‘No Daylight’

On April 19, Israel responded to the Iranian regime’s unprecedented April 13-14 attack against it by launching three missiles from outside of Iranian territory at an air defense radar site guarding a nuclear facility near Isfahan. An initial assessment by U.S. officials – not yet complete as of this writing – determined that the strike achieved its objective in eliminating the radar site. Explosions were also reported in Syria and Iraq.

The failure of Iran’s attack on Israel and Israel’s clear demonstration of its ability to hit where and when it wants inside Iran likely means that Tehran is unlikely to attempt another massive missile launch at Israel. But this episode is very unlikely to spell the end of Iranian aggression against Israel, or the region. The United States should demonstrate, in both words and actions, that there is no daylight between it and Israel, as JINSA argued in its 2023 report, No Daylight: U.S. Strategy if Israel Attacks Iran.

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