Israel Targets Terrorist Infrastructure in Jenin

On July 3, Israel launched a large, 48 hour-long counter-terrorist operation in the West Bank city of Jenin following at least 50 terrorist attacks targeting Israeli civilians originating from the city in recent months. Unlike previous Israeli actions aimed at establishing deterrence against terrorist organizations, Operation Home and Garden—which, despite its size and scope, resulted in the death of only 12 terrorists and no civilians— sought to create favorable conditions for future operations in Jenin against the Iranian-backed terrorist groups Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Hamas. These groups’ ability to ensconce themselves in and fortify Jenin has been a result of a weakened Palestinian Authority (PA) and Tehran’s larger efforts to surround and weaken Israel.

The Biden administration should acknowledge Israel’s need to counter terrorism and prevent a takeover of the West Bank by Hamas and PIJ especially at the expense of the PA, support Israel’s right to self-defense and freedom of action, and recognize Iran’s increasingly prominent role in fomenting terrorism in the West Bank. In addition, the administration should express support for Israel’s self-defense at the United Nations Security Council.

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Zac Schildcrout – Policy Analyst