Progressives’ Protest Removes Iron Dome Funding

On September 21, progressives in the House of Representatives indicated they would not vote for stopgap legislation preventing a government shutdown later this month because it allocated $1 billion to the Israeli government for its Iron Dome air defense system, which is co-produced with the United States. With only a slim majority in the House, Democratic leadership conceded and removed the funding from the continuing resolution. Because the Iron Dome is a defensive weapons system that saves Israeli and Palestinian lives, Congress must quickly fund President Biden’s promise to replenish the IDF’s supply of Tamir interceptors.

  • RESPONSE: Congress should immediately pass legislation to restore this funding, keeping President Biden’s pledge to replenish Israel’s depleted supply of Iron Dome Tamir interceptors. This could be done either as part of the final continuing resolution bill or as the recently introduced stand-alone bill that would receive strong bipartisan support.

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JINSA Staff Contributors
Ari Cicurel – Senior Policy Analyst
Andrew Ghalili – Senior Policy Analyst