Washington Unlocks Frozen Iranian Funds

There have been several indications in recent weeks that the United States and Iran are trying to reach an interim and unofficial nuclear deal that would provide Iran with significant financial windfall and circumvent U.S. legal requirements for congressional review. The most direct indication that such a deal is in process is the recent U.S. moves to unfreeze billions of dollars in Iranian funds, currently frozen in banks around the world. Meanwhile, Iran’s Supreme Leader has expressed new support for a nuclear agreement.

The release of any frozen Iranian funds would supercharge the Iranian regime’s terror efforts and support for Russia’s war against Ukraine. They should only be released in exchange for permanent and irreversible limitation on Iran’s nuclear program and an end to Iran’s destabilizing foreign actions – including military support for Russia’s war machine. Congress must ensure that any agreement – formal or informal – is submitted for review pursuant to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA).

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Gabriel Noronha – Gemunder Center Fellow