JINSA’s U.S.-Israel Task Force Cited in The Washington Examiner for its Research on a U.S.-Israel Mutual Defense Pact

Trump ‘locked and loaded’ to strike Iran but waiting for smoking gun

Jamie McIntyre, The Washington Examiner

IN DEFENSE OF ISRAEL: President Trump tweeted on Saturday that he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by phone about a potential defense treaty between Israel and the United States after Tuesday’s Israeli elections.

Trump said the deal “would further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries.”

The announcement drew praise from the Jewish Institute for National Security of America.”This past July, a JINSA task force led by notable retired U.S. military leaders, chaired by Adm. James Stavridis, formerly NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, issued a paper advocating such a pact and drafted a proposed text for such a treaty, after proposing it last year,” the group said in a statement.

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