Media Coverage of JINSA’s 36th Annual Awards Dinner

On October 10, 2018 at The Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC JINSA Honored Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with the Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson Distinguished Service Award. Secretary Pomepeo then took questions from JINSA President and CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky. The same evening JINSA honored Board Member Fred Zeidman with the National Leadership Award, and six young warriors for their service in the War on Terrorism.

Watch on C-SPAN: Secretary Pompeo Addresses JINSA and Takes Questions from Dr. Michael Makovsky

events Ldrship Award

JINSA President & CEO Michael Makovsky, PhD pictured with
Senator Tom Cotton and Secretary Michael Pompeo (left)

Senator Lindsey Graham and Fred Zeidman (right)

JINSA Honors Six Young Soldiers with Grateful Nation Award

From left to right: Major Cade A. Reedy, USAF, United States Special Operations Command; Master Sergeant Daniel P. McKnight, United States Air Force; Lieutenant Emily H. Brockway, United States Coast Guard; Lieutenant Commander Jacob W. Romelhardt, United States Navy; Master Sergeant Michael L. Settles, United States Army; Staff Sergeant Jason T. Pacheco, United States Marine Corps

JINSA Dinner in the Media