Press Coverage

Press Coverage

‘We Have Until the End of the Year. No Later’: Israel’s Former Air Force Chief Is Worried. Very Worried. The Israel Air Force is waging desperate efforts to stick a finger in the dam and somehow maintain fighting fitness for

US-Iran Deal Doesn’t Mean Full Nuclear Pact is Next — but it Shows Israel’s Limits

Israeli officials did not sound thrilled in the wake of last week’s deal between the US and Iran, which will see Tehran free five American detainees in exchange for the release of several billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets. “Arrangements that do

The Israeli Ministry of Defense on Wednesday confirmed the first operational interception of the David’s Sling missile system, a development that experts say is an “important milestone” in US-Israeli defense cooperation and for Israel’s defense capabilities. Ari Cicurel, Assistant Director

Dozens of US Generals Urge Biden to Arm Israel Against Iran, as Lesson from Ukraine

Dozens of American generals and admirals sign a letter calling on US President Joe Biden’s administration to expedite shipments of advanced arms to Israel to help create a credible military threat against Iran’s nuclear program. “The United States should apply lessons of