Press Coverage

Press Coverage

U.S. Ceasefire Push in Israel-Hamas War

Originally appeared on C-SPAN.

Is a War Against Hezbollah Imminent?

The world’s attention is focused on Gaza, but if a war breaks out on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, it will be far broader and more destructive than the one Israel is waging against Hamas. Hezbollah has so far refrained

An Arab Mandate for Palestine

Sooner or later, the war in Gaza will end. Hamas’s leaders hope that when it does, they will emerge from their tunnels to raise their green banners over the rubble — a symbolic victory for “Resistance” in the face of

G-7 Threatens Coordinated Sanctions if Iran Provides Ballistic Missiles to Russia

The U.S. and its allies will impose coordinated sanctions against Iran if it delivers ballistic missiles to Russia for use in its invasion of Ukraine, Group of Seven leaders said in a statement Friday. The warning is the latest escalation