As Iran’s nuclear program advances and U.S. Iran policy falters, the United States – executive and legislative branches alike – should immediately begin preparing to blunt Iranian retaliation in the likelihood that, absent possible American intervention, Israel acts militarily to

Iran Summary – June 2023

Author: Anna Schaftel; JINSA Programs & Outreach Associate June 2023 Summary: Top Iranian officials, including President Raisi, received the leaders of Palestinian terror groups Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Tehran. The Mossad foiled an Iranian terror plot against Israeli and

Iran Summary – May 2023

Author: Anna Schaftel – JINSA Programs & Outreach Associate May 2023 Summary: Iran continued to provide Russia with drones to be used against Ukraine. Iran executed 142 people last month, and at least 307 people thus far in 2023. Iran-backed

Iran Summary – April 2023

Author: Anna Schaftel – JINSA Programs & Outreach Associate April 2023 Summary: Iran continues to supply arms and ammunition for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, part of growing bilateral cooperation to counter international sanctions on either country. Iran sought to reinforce