OANN Quotes JINSA Distinguished Fellow IDF MG (ret.) Yaakov Amidror on Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S., Israel Meet To Discuss Iran Nuclear Deal

By U.S. Department of State from United States – Secretary Blinken Meets with President Biden and Vice President Harris, Public Domain,

The U.S. and Israel held their first strategic consultative group meeting regarding Iran. The meeting Thursday came after Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken received back lash from Israeli officials for their push to rejoin the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

The meeting was led by National Security adviser Jake Sullivan for the first round of discussions amid Biden’s hopes of reviving the 2015 nuclear deal without alienating Israel.

“We feel the best path forward is a diplomatic path and that’s why we are working with our European partners to see what is possible along that front,” stated White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. “We also believe that it’s an opportunity to expand on the JCPOA and and work to address additional concerns we have in the region.”

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the deal is dangerous and he does not agree with the Biden administration’s goal of negotiating with Iran. President Trump pulled the out of the deal after Obama went against Israel and joined the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action back in 2015

“From the Israeli point of view, it’s very clear it’s a very bad agreement, which allowed the Iranians to go on with their enrichment system,” stated Yaakov Amidror of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America. “Now they have much better synthesis than they had before the agreement.”

Blinken has remained vague in comments regarding the Biden administration’s plan of action with Iran, but pledged to formally consult with Congress prior to lifting sanctions on Iran. Meanwhile, Psaki said the White House will consistently brief Israel on the nations plans to move forward with Iran if negotiations with the regime move forward.

Originally published in One America News Network