Major General Amikam Norkin

Major General Amikam Norkin joined JINSA as a Distinguished Fellow in February 2023.

General Norkin is the Former Commander of the Israeli Air Force and a former member of the Israel Defense Forces General Staff. As the IAF’s Commander, he was responsible for all of the IDF’s aviation operations, including all air and space defense and offense activities, turning the IAF to the IDF’s leading strategic arm and leading this critical organization in a rapidly changing environment with various multiple challenges. As a member of the IDF’s General Staff Forum, he was a central figure in advising Israel’s Cabinet, including the Prime Minister on the most sensitive issues of national security.

Under Norkin’s command, the IAF entered into the era of fifth-generation fighter jets, and the collaboration with the IDF’s difference branches and the defense industries was strengthened.

Also, during his tenure, strategic relationships with foreign Air Forces, including key forces in the Middle East were formed and the unique cooperation with the American Air Force was strengthened. For that, he was awarded the Legion of Merit from the American Secretary of Defense, one of the highest American military medals that can be awarded to foreign officers. His efforts for promoting relations between the IAF and the German Air Force were recognized by the President of Germany, and he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit in 2021.

Prior to being the IAF Commander, Major General Norkin was the Head of the IDF Planning Directorate for 2 years. One of his achievements was promoting the Quality Military Edge (QME)  agreement between the USA and Israel for the coming decade. Prior to that he was the Head of the Air Division and Chief of Air Staff, and was responsible, among others, for the successful operaion of distruction the Syria’s nuclear reactor in 2007. Major Norkin’s career at the IAF was exceptional from his graduation with honors from the Pilot training, through him being the youngest F-15 pilot in the world, and continued through his fast advancement through the ranks until becoming the Force’s Commander.


  • 2008 Master of Science, Political Science, University of Haifa (with honors). Thesis: The influence of the Information Revolution on models of control and commenndement
  • 2008 National Defense Studies, Israel National Defense College (with honors)
  • 2008 Program for Senior Executives, Columbia University, USA
  • 1999 Squadrons’ Commanders Course
  • 1992 Bachelor of Science, Economics, University of Haifa


  • 2021 Israel’s National Security Award
  • 2021 Federal Cross of Merit on behalf of the President of Germany
  • 2019 The Legion of Merit, on behalf of the American Secretary of Defense
  • 2019 Israel’s National Security Award
  • 1996 Officer of Excellence, on behalf of the IDF Chief of the General Staff 1993 Officer of Excellence, on behalf of the IDF Chief of the General Staff 1987 Pilot training, Outstanding Cadet


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