Michael Nachman

Michael Nachman was the national Chairman of JINSA from 2012 – 2015. Additionally, he also serves as Co-Chairman of JINSA’s National Security Roundtable based in Washington DC.

Mr. Nachman was the founder and President of Mantex Fabrics Corporation for 34 years. Mantex manufactured synthetic knitted fabrics for the apparel and industrial markets. His business experience was multifaceted, operating manufacturing in North Carolina and headquartered in the Empire State Building in New York.

Active in the pro Israel and pro defense communities, Mr. Nachman sits on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the IDF and the New York Common Pantry, the largest food bank in New York City. He has also actively supported JINSA’s Soldier’s Appeal, with particular focus on veterans suffering from TBI and PTSD.

The son of Jewish immigrants from Czechoslovakia who escaped the Nazis, Mr. Nachman has a firm belief that America is an exceptional country, and has a passion and commitment for the safety and security of the United States and of the Jewish people. As such, he is dedicated to furthering JINSA’s mandate of supporting the U.S. military, a strong American defense capability, and a cooperative U.S. security relationship with Israel.

Residing both in New York City and Washington DC, Mr. Nachman is married to Ruth Horowitz, the Chief Operating Officer of the International Finance Corporation’s Asset Management Company, a part of the World Bank Group.

Mr. Nachman received his B.S. in Business Administration from the C. W. Post College of Long Island University.