Master Sergeant Alan C. Garrison, USAF

Representing US Air Force

MSgt Garrison’s improvised explosive device emplacement analysis was relayed to the Iraqi Prime Minister leading to a surge of forces in Baghdad. He collected 4000 pieces of evidence resulting in 15 biometric hits capturing 9 terrorists.

MSgt Garrison deployed to Kuwait for 6 months. He secured the perimeter of 53 sites worth $20M and provided armed convoy escort and search of 3000 workers finalizing a $2M dormitory allowing safe passage of 100 troops into theater.

While deployed for 1 year, Alan was responsible for 270 sq kms of battlefield. He led 76 combat missions where he exploited 27 improvised explosive devices, 7 caches, and 32 post blasts & was awarded an Army Commendation Medal.

Under constant fire, Alan crushed 52 missions in Afghanistan. He provided freedom of movement over 3000 sq miles defeating 20 explosive devices and 8 enemy caches allowing resupply of 3 coalition bases supporting 500 soldiers.

After the Al-Shabaab attack on Manda Bay, MSgt Garrison led the sole EOD team to secure the airfield. Alan designed entry points, personnel protection sites and munitions areas to secure $254M in joint assets and protect 444 personnel.

MSgt Garrison courageously attacked the network during 25 high value target raids. His 20-person assault team acted on time-sensitive intelligence, provided site exploitation and allowed imprisonment and trial of 20 known insurgents.

Alan led the fingerprinting of all Sons of Iraq members in Baghdad. He partnered with 24 Iraqi Army personnel to add 500 fingerprint cards to the FBI and Interpol database. His efforts led to the detention of a terrorist found in the US.

Alan solved a 3-year task force mystery! He aided a 5-person team to destroy 192 rockets with 900 lbs of explosives. He denied enemy indirect fire capability ultimately protecting the US Army-led coalition HQ and 12,000 joint personnel.

MSgt Garrison led EUCOM’s largest improvised explosive device exercise intelligence cell. He teamed with 15 NATO countries on 400 operations. His evidence collection aided 80 technicians thwart terrorist’s #1 weapon of choice.