First Lieutenant Robert Lamb III, USMC

Representing U.S. Marine Corps
First Lieutenant Lamb distinguished himself with exceptionally superior service in support of the Global War on Terrorism while deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, as a part of Operation Inherent Resolve. Furthermore, First Lieutenant Lamb played an integral role in using the knowledge and experience gained from his deployment to further train and prepare the next generation of Marines to meet emerging threats.

First Lieutenant Lamb led a platoon of 58 Marines and Sailors while forward deployed to the Baghdad Embassy Complex, where his unit was responsible for maintaining multiple perimeter security posts, integrating with Department of State security units as a quick reaction force, and providing anti-terrorism patrols and surveillance. During this time, First Lieutenant Lamb and his platoon were subject to numerous rocket and mortar attacks by Iranian-aligned Shia militia groups. First Lieutenant Lamb personally led the response to many of these attacks, providing early warning to Embassy staff, consolidating combat reporting from Marines on post, and employing the Marine quick reaction force to establish impact cordons.

In November 2020, First Lieutenant Lamb returned from deployment and took over as Weapons Platoon Commander, Company E. While serving as Weapons Platoon Commander, First Lieutenant Lamb also served as an acting Rifle Platoon Commander and acting Company Executive Officer.

First Lieutenant Lamb has attended and completed the Winter Mountain Leader’s Course, as well as the Fast Rope Master’s Course. First Lieutenant Lamb has a bachelor’s degree from Muhlenberg College in Psychology with a minor in Religion Studies.