Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Joshua Goldberg, USN

Representing U.S. Special Operations Command

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Joshua S. Goldberg, United States Navy, for superior leadership, conspicuous gallantry, and intrepidity in action against the enemy as Assault Team Leader, specifically while deployed to a Joint Task Force in direct support of an Overseas Contingency Operation from 25 January 2023 to 26 January 2023. He displayed unwavering resolve against a relentless and heavily fortified enemy in the conduct of a Presidentially-approved, high-risk combat raid. Under sustained enemy contact, he and his team eliminated a high value target who posed a grave threat to United States interests. He expertly led his tactical element through arduous terrain to a complex enemy cave system. While directly engaged by multiple enemy combatants from barricaded fighting positions, he personally guided his element to swiftly clear an assessed bed-down location of the high value target. He identified the neutralized enemy combatant as the targeted individual before reengaging in the six hour gunfight, consistently positioning himself to effectively control the wicked clearance problem. His selfless fortitude to repeatedly expose himself to extreme personal risk on behalf of the mission and his teammates emboldened his squadron to eliminate threats and enabled the United States to achieve a strategic victory. Senior Chief Goldberg’s performance throughout the night was indicative of his exceptional tactical acumen, selfless servant leadership, and nuanced understanding of the implications associated with a mission of such National importance.