Yaniv Menahem

Yaniv Menahem is the Jewish Institute for National Security of America’s (JINSA) Middle East Operations Manager since April of 2018.

Prior to this position, 2016-2017 Yaniv served as a spokesman for a senior member of the Israeli Knesset and as the Deputy Spokesman of the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. from 2015-2017. He was trained at the ‘Shin Bet’ or ‘Shabak’ as a security specialist and worked in the Diplomatic Security Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As part of his position, Yaniv was posted in various countries worldwide, including Azerbaijan, Egypt, Mauritania, Turkey and the U.S.

Yaniv fulfilled his three-year army service from 2005-2008 as an operator and field communications specialist in Golani Brigade’s Reconnaissance and Special Task Force Unit. During his military service, Yaniv took part in operational activities in the Gaza strip and fought in the second Lebanon war, undergoing numerous operational activities on the northern front. Yaniv was released as a staff sergeant active in the Army reserves.

Yaniv holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, married to his wife Shani and is a father of two. He was born and raised in Herzliya, Israel.