Press Release – Latino Business, Public and Community Leaders Visit Israel

WASHINGTON, DC (April 9, 2012) — The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) recently concluded its second tour of Israel by a select group of U.S. Hispanic private and public professionals.

WASHINGTON, DC (April 9, 2012) — The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) recently concluded its second tour of Israel by a select group of U.S. Hispanic private and public professionals. The 5-day visit was part of the Latino-Jewish Alliance for a Secure America, a JINSA initiative created to build upon the common interests of U.S. Latino and Jewish communities in areas critical for the future of the United States, which includes a number of U.S. national security topics ranging from the Middle East to its national borders.

“Our Alliance has identified some of the most accomplished individuals from the private and public sectors to provide JINSA with perspectives from our nation’s fastest-growing ethnic segment of business owners, taxpayers and voters,” said Co-founder and Chairman of the Latino-Jewish Alliance Jacob M. Monty, a business immigration attorney, author of “Hispanics in the Workplace” and Latino civil rights supporter from Houston, TX.

“Due to the high rate of growth among U.S. Hispanics, it is essential that its leadership be included in discussions related to national security issues, particularly the global concerns with terrorism, expansion of free trade, support for democracies around the world, and U.S. energy independence,” said Monty.

The group traveled to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for briefings, with a strong emphasis on security, the participants visited with, and were briefed by many sectors of Israeli society: business, political, religious holy sites, technology and defense. Participants spent time with members of Israel’s thriving Sephardi (Spanish) Jewish communities. The visitors also had access to high-level discussions regarding the U.S.-Israel security relationship.

“The initial JINSA tour was conducted in 2011 and led to the establishment of a Latino-Jewish committee to explore issues of common interest. Since its inaugural conference and planning meeting on June 21, 2011, in Houston, the Latino-Jewish Alliance for a Secure America was formed and continues to evolve into an collaborative effort between JINSA and U.S. Latino community leaders,” said JINSA’s Executive Director Larry Greenfield.

Greenfield expressed pride in the Latino leadership associating so warmly with JINSA’s national security mission, including the broadening coalition in support of the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship. He credited his predecessor Tom Neumann and co-founder of the Latino-Jewish Alliance for a Secure America — who will remain intimately involved with JINSA as Executive Director Emeritus and Director of Coalition Development — with the 2012 tour’s success.

List of Participants

Jesse Chaluh, Houston, TX
Franchisee/Restaurant Operator, Chick-Fil-A

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Escudero (Margarita), El Paso, TX
President and CEO, Sierra Finance, LLC

Abel Guerra, Tampa, FL
Co-Founder, Pan American Sports Group
Former Vice President of International Operations, New York Yankees

Marsha Halteman, Houston, TX
Director of Programs, JINSA

Rebecca Keenan, Houston, TX
Pastor, Gulf Meadows Church

Hector Longoria, Houston, TX
Attorney, Heard Robins Cloud & Black LLP

Janiece Longoria w/Stephen Lasher, Houston, TX
Partner, Ogden, Gibson, Brooks, Longoria & Hall

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lopez (Pat), Oklahoma City, OK
Partners, Sueños, OTC Global Holdings LP

Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Javier Loya (Lucinda), Houston, TX
President & CEO, OTC Global Holdings LP

Jose Mallea, Coral Gables, FL
President, JM Global Consulting
Campaign Director Senator Marco Rubio.

Mr. & Mrs. Ike Monty (Nancy), El Paso, TX
President, Investment Builders Inc.
JINSA Board of Directors

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Monty (Adelina), Houston, TX
Partner, Monty & Ramirez LLP
JINSA Board of Directors & Co-Founder Latino-Jewish Alliance

Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Ortega (Elvira), Houston, TX
Owner, La Michoacana Meat Market

Mr. Rolando Pablos, San Antonio, TX
Commissioner, Public Utility Commission of Texas

Massey Villarreal, Houston, TX
CEO and President of Precision Task Group, Inc.

Richard Vargas, Keenan, Los Angeles, CA
Senior Associate Dean, Dana and Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
University of Southern California