Statement on Senator Joe Lieberman’s Passing

We mourn the passing of Joe Lieberman, a former U.S. Senator, and a longtime member of JINSA’s Board of Advisors. Joe Lieberman was an outstanding public servant, a true American statesman, very smart and thoughtful, who genuinely put his country first above party and personal ambition. He was a rare breed who sought bipartisan solutions to problems. A 1997 recipient of JINSA’s Henry “Scoop” Jackson Award, he was, like that great Democratic Senator from Washington State, dedicated to a robust U.S. national security and a strong Israel, and believed that U.S. foreign policy should be influenced by American values. A devout Jew, Joe Lieberman observed his Jewish principles while fulfilling the demands of the U.S. Senate. And he was a real mensch in his personal behavior—always polite, decent, humble, friendly, and respectful of others. He was a model politician and person, who we will sorely miss. We convey our condolences to his wife Hadassah and his whole family. May his memory be a blessing.