The Case For a Political Warfare Campaign Against Iran

Protests throughout Iran show that some of the biggest threats to the Iranian regime are its own policies. The Trump administration has drawn attention to these abuses through powerful sanctions. However, the United States has several other tools to exploit Iran’s mistakes without engaging in conventional warfare. A political warfare strategy could fill this gap through additional diplomatic, economic, information, cyber and military capabilities to pressure the regime where it is vulnerable.

The architect of America’s Cold War-era containment strategy, George Kennan, described political warfare as “the employment of all the means at a nation’s command, short of war, to achieve its national objectives.”…Click here to read more.

Jonathan Ruhe and Ari Cicurel are director of foreign policy and senior policy analyst, respectively, at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy in Washington.

Originally published in The Hill.