Watch Webinar – Antisemitism in a post-10/7 America

Since the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attacks, Israel has been engaged in a defensive war to protect its civilians while responding to and preempting attacks by Iran and its proxies on other fronts. While many have stood in solidarity with Israel as it seeks to eliminate this threat, globally there has also been a significant increase in antisemitic rhetoric and activity, including right here in America. Disturbingly, the presidents of three of America’s premier universities, Harvard, UPenn and MIT, recently testifying before congress were unable to answer a simple moral question: “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate your university’s code of conduct?” JINSA invites you to join a discussion with Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21) and Sander Gerber on what can and should be urgently done to address the increase in antisemitism here in America and sustain bipartisan support for Israel its ongoing war with Hamas.

The Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) is dedicated to educating Congressional, military and civilian national security decision-makers on American defense and strategic interests, primarily in the Middle East, the cornerstone of which is a robust U.S.-Israeli security cooperation. JINSA believes that a strong American military and national security posture is the best guarantor of peace and the survival of our values and civilization.