Watch Webinar – Forgotten Threat: Iran’s Accelerating Nuclear Program

On December 26—while the world was distracted by the war in Gaza and Christmas, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran more than tripled its production of near-weapons grade uranium. This came almost exactly a year after President Biden admitted that his plan to negotiate a new nuclear deal with Iran was “dead” and six months after reports that the administration might have reached an “unwritten agreement” with Iran limit its nuclear program. Now, the Biden administration lack of any plan for preventing a nuclear Iran, the collapse of Israeli deterrence on October 7, the administration’s reluctance to fill the ensuing void, and the world’s preoccupation with the Gaza war, only gives Tehran more incentive and opportunity to push deeper into the nuclear gray zone.

Join a discussion with JINSA experts Steve Rademaker and Gabriel Noronha on the status of Iran’s nuclear program, the state of U.S. Iran policy, and options for preventing further Iranian nuclear progress before it’s too late.

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