Webinar on New JINSA Gemunder Center Report:

“Dangerous Conditions: The Case Against Threatening Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge”

Join JINSA for a discussion of our latest report, which lays out strategic arguments against the growing calls for conditioning U.S. defense assistance to Israel.

Monday, December 21 – 4:30pm EST


This webinar is open to the public.

Click image to view the report.

Charles Perkins

Charles B. Perkins is a recognized authority on international security policy and defense technology. He brings to JINSA almost four decades of research, analytical and communications experience in military affairs and strategic assessment.

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Jonathan Ruhe JINSA Foreign Policy Director

Jonathan Ruhe

Jonathan Ruhe is the Director of Foreign Policy at JINSA’s Gemunder Center. Prior to joining JINSA, he was a Senior Policy Analyst at the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), where he worked on Middle East and Former Soviet Union security issues.

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-U.S.-Israel Security Policy Project-

JINSA’s U.S.-Israel Security Policy Project examines the various ways to strengthen the U.S.-Israel security relationship amid dramatic regional changes to meet growing dangers and capitalize on new opportunities.