Webinar with Dr. Uzi Rubin on:

The Evolution of Iran’s Precision Guided Missile Threat

Israel is surrounded by missiles and drones—in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Iran itself. These arsenals have not only grown in size but have become increasingly lethal due to precision guidance, longer ranges and bigger warheads. Does this new generation of weapons pose an existential threat to the Jewish state even without nuclear warheads?Join us for a deep dive into the latest technical andstrategicbreakthroughs by Israel’s enemies with a leading Israeli authority, Dr. Uzi Rubin, father of the famous Arrow interceptor system.

Thursday, May 6 – 11:00am EDT


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Dr. Uzi Rubin

Dr. Rubin was founder and first director (1991-1999) of the Israel Missile Defense Organization—known as “HOMA”—in the Israel Ministry of Defense, which developed, produced and deployed the country’s first national defense shield – the Arrow missile. He subsequently served as a Senior Director in Israel’s National Security Council and directed several defense programs at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and in the defense ministry. Since leaving government service Dr. Rubin has been a visiting scholar and consultant for a range of Israeli, American and European research institutions and media outlets, and is a top expert on regional missile proliferation.

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Charles B. Perkins

Charles B. Perkins is a recognized authority on international security policy and defense technology. His key areas of expertise include regional conflict dynamics, weapons proliferation and disarmament issues, international missile defense cooperation, arms transfer laws and regulations, defense industrial procurement, Israel’s security challenges and the IDF’s qualitative military edge.

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