Actions by the United Nations Undermine Israel’s Right to Self-Defense

Israel’s military response to Hamas’s October 7 terrorist attack has drawn a swift response from the United Nations. Since October 16, there have been 16 UN Security Council sessions and 10 resolutions drafted by member states on the conflict. However, instead of condemning Hamas for its horrific acts of terror, UN officials and member states have repeatedly condemned Israel. 

The latest UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution, introduced by the United Arab Emirates and passed on December 22, called for “all parties” to follow international law and strongly implied that Israel is engaging in war crimes. The United States abstaining from voting on, rather than vetoing, this resolution is a dangerous divergence from its positive actions in support of Israel, including essential weapons sales and defending Israel against spurious accusations.

The Biden administration should adopt a diplomatic strategy at the United Nations that combines offense against Israel’s political opponents with defense against any UN action that would undermine Israel’s security.

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