Israeli Precautions Save Palestinian Lives

Much as during previous Gaza conflicts, international media and multinational organizations have regularly condemned Israeli combat operations in Gaza on the grounds that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) jeopardize Palestinian lives by carelessly carrying out military operations in civilian areas. However, as events throughout the war—including the IDF’s recently-announced daily four-hour opening of a humanitarian corridor from northern Gaza to southern Gaza—have repeatedly shown, Israel has steadfastly worked to protect Palestinian lives, even at great risk to its own soldiers and at the risk of undermining its strategic objectives.  

IDF measures to protect Palestinians in Gaza include precautions implemented before and during its military operations, such as cancelling airstrikes due to the prospect of civilian casualties, and dropping leaflets, sending text messages, and making phone calls to warn civilians to evacuate. The IDF has also provided humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, including establishing humanitarian corridors for civilians to evacuate and sending fuel and medical equipment to Gazan hospitals. These efforts highlight the IDF’s intrinsic desire to limit civilian casualties and its attentiveness to international law despite the immense challenges it faces operating in the Gaza Strip, one of the world’s most densely populated urban environments, against Hamas, which hides in hospitals, residential buildings, mosques, schools, and other civilian facilities.