Israel’s Operation Swords of Iron Update 11/1


Ari Cicurel – Assistant Director of Foreign Policy
Yoni Tobin – Policy Analyst
Zac Schildcrout – Policy Analyst
Anna Schaftel – Programs and Outreach Associate

On October 7, Hamas launched an unprovoked and unprecedented multi-pronged attack on Israel by land, air, and sea. JINSA has launched a webpage dedicated to its commentary, webinars, and media coverage about Israel at War. Yesterday, JINSA hosted a webinar with JINSA Director of Foreign Policy Jonathan Ruhe, JINSA’s Randi & Charles Wax Senior Fellow John Hannah, and Princeton Professor Bernard Haykel about the prospects for peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia after Hamas’s 10/7 attack. An update with the latest information and analysis about the war is below, which JINSA will regularly produce.

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