Press Coverage

Press Coverage

Arizona sheriffs reaffirm support for Israel, local Jewish community

The Arizona Sheriffs’ Association reaffirmed their support for Israel and protecting the state’s Jewish community. The events in Israel and Gaza have gained global attention since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7. Critics have argued that Israel’s response to Hamas

Hamas’ recent battle cry for violence against US latest in litany of threats

JERUSALEM – The Hamas movement intensified its campaign of terrorism targeting American interests, declaring in a chilling December announcement that more violence is warranted against the U.S. after the jihadi group murdered over 30 Americans and over a thousand Israelis

How Israel can ensure security in post-war Gaza

Israel’s calculated and legitimate response to Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre and years of rocket fire on Israel’s civilian population is advancing systematically, leading many to anticipate the eventual dismantling of the terror group and its leadership. However, divergent views have