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Military Leadership Education Institute (MLEI)

Inaugurated in 2016, JINSA’s Military Leadership Education Program educates current and future leaders from the militaries of key U.S. allies, primary in the Middle East, about elements that impact U.S. foreign policy through high-level briefings and visits to key sites, such as Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, Quantico, and Gettysburg. The program is divided into several courses including a course for active-duty IDF brigadier generals through JINSA’s Zuckerman IDF Generals Education Program, and a course for elite Israeli Air Force lieutenant colonels handpicked by the Commander of the IAF, and more.

JINSA’s Zuckerman IDF Generals Education Program, which received the approval of the IDF Chief of the General Staff LTG Aviv Kochavi and support of the Commander of the IDF Military Colleges MG Itai Veruv and Head of the Operations Directorate (J3) – Major General Oded Basiuk, is a pillar of JINSA’s MLEI.


“On behalf of the Israeli Air Force, I would like to extend my deep appreciation following the IAF delegation visit to JINSA last month. After the highly successful visit our officers made to the United States in 2017, we were highly enthusiastic at the prospect of sending another delegation for this year.

As I understand, the delegation benefited greatly from the experience, and will be bringing back tools essential to their day to day routines as officers in the IAF. This year, we chose a handpicked group of officers most relevant for this visit, who we believe will be the future leaders of the Air Force.

JINSA continues to provide crucial strategic information regarding key issues inside the Middle East, and places such a significant focus on the US/Israel ties and cooperation. We are thankful that we have received this wonderful opportunity once again, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Letter from Head of the Air Force, MG Amikam Norkin