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Analysis & Commentary

Special Ops Aren’t A Substitute For Strategy

From movies to tell-all books, America loves its special operators. But a crushing pace of operations and an ever-expanding definition of what constitutes a “special operation” has spread Special Operations Forces far too thin, making it more important than ever

As Israel formulates its approach to the Biden administration, one priority needs to be the development of a cooperative strategy for addressing China and its rise. Israel and the United States view China differently, and that divergence will remain a

How to Lose the Nuclear Game in the Middle East

Amid a devastating pandemic that has killed more than two and a half million people globally, forced families apart, and upended the global economy, it is no surprise that Iran’s nuclear program isn’t dominating public discourse. Yet a collective failure

Red Lines Can Help Address Iran’s Nuclear Escalation

Iran’s recent rebuff of President Joe Biden’s offer to commence talks on getting both Washington and Tehran back into compliance with the Iran nuclear deal has, at least temporarily, thrown a monkey wrench into Biden’s strategy for quickly reversing Iran’s